Moms Eat Free on Mothers Day

10 Reasons why Moms Love Mothers day


Every mom looks forward to Mother’s day. It is our day where we treated extra special (even though we are usually loved all 364 other days of the year).

10. It is a day to feel EXTRA special for being a mom. We do a lot! Taking care of our family, doing laundry, the endless dishes, the meal planning (or take out when you just give up for the day), the errands, school work, homework, projects, delegating and managing chores and the house, not to mention those who also work on top of it all!

9. Because we do all of those things, it is a reason for us to say we AREN’T doing those things on mother’s day (except raising the kids obviously). DAY OFF! AMEN to THAT!

8. We get to enjoy the sentimental gifts. The cute homemade cards, the adorable well thought gifts from our spouses and children, the hand print crafts from school. It is so exciting seeing your child do something out of the kindness of their sweet little hearts.

7. We get to have time as a family, the mom’s way on mother’s day- its mom’s say or the highway that day (unless you have a toddler). Take advantage!

6. We get to enjoy adorable, well thought plans. Little picnics, movies, ice cream, hikes, family trips to the zoo, breakfast in bed, sweet kisses throughout the day. Oh the joy.

5. Or the no plan, plans work wonderful too- The idea of having absolutely nothing to do but relax. That’s right– nothing!

4. We may get the pleasure of sleeping in! Or we plan on sleeping in unless you have a baby, or a toddler, or work, or church. But it’s the thought that counts and sometimes we get surprised with breakfast in bed even though us mommy’s are awake early.

3. We get to go shopping for ourselves some mothers days. Or enjoy the spa.

2. We get to enjoy the discounts and the sales in the area.  Even enjoy the freebies. (Especially a free meal for mom at Atlanta Bread paired with a glass of wine or caffeine)

1. We get to spend time with our kids and celebrate the best thing that ever happened to us. Just being a mom is the biggest blessing of all. Every day is a day to celebrate and enjoy as a mom.10005856_1076856605677365_47194773578080650_oHaving it as a national holiday definitely helps as there is more to do, discounts, events and freebies to take advantage of every day. Not to mention of course we love to have wonderful memories with our little ones and our significant others.

Come celebrate being a mom with us this mother’s day. You deserve it.

Enjoy a meal for free at anytime on Mother’s Day (with the purchase of your kids’ meals). We will have $6 wine varietals & $5 mimosas. We also have coloring books and family board games for you to enjoy spending time with your family over a good meal.

Share and spread the word! Happy mothers day ❤

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