September Wine Tasting Event & Photos

We had our monthly wine tasting last tuesday 9/8 and had a blast! Every month we do a tasting and get together to enjoy friends and good food and wine. The Wine of the Month for September is Trinity Oaks. Its a 2013 vintage Cabernet that is wonderful paired with our pastas and pizzas. If you would like to be a part of our wine tasting email list please comment below with your email. Here are some of our Wine Tasting Event pictures! Feel free to share and tag yourselves, and let us know if you want any of these images to keep for yourselves! See you at our next Wine Tasting in October that is helping contribute a percentage of proceeds towards donations to Breast Cancer Awareness for Breast Cancer October. Cheers!

IMG_0415    IMG_0559 IMG_0561 (1)     IMG_0565 (1) IMG_0566 (1)     IMG_0586 IMG_0568 (1)    IMG_0571

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